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Gritaram-Me Negra! [They Shouted, Black Girl!]

**Tinha sete anos apenas, [I was only seven years old] apenas sete anos, [only seven years old] Que sete anos! [what seven years?!] Não chegava nem a cinco! [I wasn’t even five!] De repente umas vozes na rua [when suddenly some voices in the street] me gritaram Negra! [shouted, “black girl!”] Negra! Negra! Negra! Negra! Negra! Negra! Negra! [Black! Black!…] “Por acaso sou negra?” – me disse (SIM!) [“Am I really black?” — I said, (YES!)] “Que coisa é ser negra?” (NEGRA!) [“What’s it mean to be black?” (BLACK!)] E eu não sabia a triste verdade que aquilo escondia. (NEGRA!) [And I didn’t know the sad truth that it hid (BLACK!).] E me senti negra, (NEGRA!) [And I felt black, (BLACK!)] Como eles diziam (NEGRA!) [Like they said (BLACK!)] E retrocedi (NEGRA!) [And I retreated (BLACK!)] Como eles queriam (NEGRA!) [Like they wanted (BLACK!)] E odiei meus cabelos e meus lábios grossos [And I hated my hair and my thick lips] e olhei vergonha da minha pele torrado [and I was ashamed of my toasted skin] E retrocedi (NEGRA!) [I retreated …

Zamda an albino girl and her mother’s hands, Tanzania This little albino girl is called Zamda, she lives in the village of Mikindani, in south tanzania. Before going there i read some very sad and cruel stories about albinos people in Tanzania. Many are killed, as witchdoctors use and sell some hair, nails, and even parts of their bodies to fight djinns (devils)… So when i met Zamda i was happy to see that she was well treated, even if she has lot of skin problems as you can see on her face. © Eric Lafforgue