When I started writing this “about me” section, I realized I was writing more about WHAT I do, rather than WHO I am–a habit I think is common among Americans.

WHO I AM: I’m a quiet observer of the world. An avid and vivid daydreamer. Someone who has a million ideas and thoughts, but is often too timid to carry them out. I’m passionate about traveling, eating, cooking, dancing, pursuing knowledge, listening to (and sometimes making) beautiful music, being crafty, and doing my part to create a more just and equitable society.

What I DO: I am a public health professional interested in the multiple impacts that racialized physical & structural violence have on Afro-Diasporan people. I’m also pretty much a career student (and proud of it): I’ve been in some type of educational system for probably way too long, from a BA in Africana Studies, to an MPH in community health nutrition, to now preparing to start a PhD (fall 2016) in public health.

This blog is constantly evolving, as am I, and much of my content may seem disjointed because it comes from the thoughts and personal discoveries, the life journey, of a still (somewhat) unfocused twenty-something year old.

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